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Yin & Yang Cushion Cover Set (Set of 5)

Yin & Yang Cushion Cover Set (Set of 5)

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Perfect accessories to add life, colour, and vibrancy to your beautiful home, these luxe cushion covers will add a finishing touch to any space.

The phoenix and the dragon represent the Yin & Yang elements in ancient Oriental wisdom. These two sacred animals represent the perfect balance as per feng shui practice. The dragon is the ‘Yang’ element and represents energy, power, majesty, mostly masculine qualities. The phoenix is the ‘Yin’ element and represents beauty, grace, inspiration, mostly feminine qualities. Together these two celestial beings represent an auspicious dance of balanced partnership and is a feng shui symbol of good luck and harmony in marriage.

Zip Closure at back.

Note: The product set does not include the cushion fillers.



Care Instructions

Hand wash gently in cold water. Do not bleach. Dry on a flat surface.


Raw Silk-Cotton


16x16 inch / 40x40 cm

Country of Origin


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