International Shipping

We welcome you to our store, thanks for visiting.

We undertake international orders at actual shipping costs. We can ship to your address anywhere in the world. You will be charged the actual shipping cost.

We will ship your order using a service requested/agreed on by you. You will be charged on actual shipping costs – the shipping receipt will be shared with you.

Your bill value, hence, will be the cart value PLUS the shipping cost. You can pay using PayPal.

We cannot assign a fixed shipping cost to your destination at the moment, as we need to ascertain weightage of the final package, and this would vary with product selection. We would like to keep things very transparent between us; and hence will be sharing the final shipping receipt with you.

We are however working on a better method wherein we can provide you an automated shipping tariff and check-out. Thank you in advance for your patience as we turn this out.

For the moment, once you select your products, please send us an e-mail, so we can take up your order immediately. We are also available on +91 9769904049 if you’d like to discuss on chat (WhatsApp). You can also direct message us on Facebook (@DarjeelingConnection).