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Vajra Handcrafted Ringing Bell

Vajra Handcrafted Ringing Bell

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The Tibetan bell ('drilbu', Sanskrit ‘ghanta’) is held in the left hand and symbolizes wisdom and the divine feminine. Upon ringing (just 1 tap is enough), the bell creates an incredible chiming vibration that can be heard long after it has been played.

The sound and the shape of the hollow bell signifies emptiness, or the true nature of all things. By understanding and accepting the “empty”/true nature of all things, we become free of attachment and are therefore liberated from suffering. 

The Drilbu bell and the Vajra (Tibetan ‘Dorje’) are the most important ritual objects of Tibetan Buddhism. They represent “method” (Vajra) and “wisdom” (bell). Combined together they symbolize Enlightenment as they embody the union of all dualities.




16 cm height/Bell diameter 3.5 inch


307 g

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