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Spring Garden Peonies - Tea Box

Spring Garden Peonies - Tea Box

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“There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hand-crafted tea box. Store your favourite tea in this vintage box made with love.


The Spring Garden Peonies tea box is hand-painted and handcrafted using decoupage art. The tea box is painted in shades of white and lavender, and is adorned with embossed relief work of vines & blooms on three sides. The box conjures a vision of a garden with spring blooms, the air heavy with the scent of the flowers and birds nestling.

The tea box is made of high-grade medium density fibreboard that is very durable. It is moisture sealed and heat resistant.

The box has 4 compartments to store your favourite tea-bags.

The tea box is designed specifically for storing tea-bags or other dry non-food items. Please do not store loose tea in the box.

Our handcrafted tea box makes for a perfect gift for many occasions - whether it be a housewarming, a birthday, a farewell - or a thoughtful gesture for a tea-loving someone.

*Actual colours may vary slightly from the images. This is due to the fact that every device screen has a different capability to display colours.

Note: Box will be despatched within 5 days of order placed.



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