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Singing Bowl - 5-metal Panchaloha Hand-hammered Bowl (4 inch) with Wooden Mallet

Singing Bowl - 5-metal Panchaloha Hand-hammered Bowl (4 inch) with Wooden Mallet

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The most beautiful tool for sound therapy - helping us heal and to meditate.

If you believe in healing inside out and want to increase your (vibrational) energy (which in turn increases your overall energy and disposition), this singing bowl is for you. Used by Buddhist monks in their meditation practice for thousands of years, this simple yet powerful meditation tool is a balm for our weary bodies and minds. 

Our singing bowls are carefully hand-crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. The bowls are made of “panchaloha” - a five-metal alloy that includes copper, zinc, iron, and traces of gold and silver. Our bowls create an incredible sound with rich, warm and vibrant overtones. Each bowl also comes with a hand-carved wooden mallet. The result is a beautiful piece of functional art with incredible healing properties.

The "singing" sound of the bowl in vibration can be heard long after it has been played. This sacred sound promotes relaxation and healing by realigning and balancing our body's chakras, and our vibrational energy. It influences our mind and mood, eliminates stress and invokes holistic calm and healing. Use it for your daily introspection and self-rooting practice.

Bowls of different sizes create different sounds. Once you find your singing bowl, you will create a deep relationship with it.

Here are some tips on how to hold and use your bowl:

Whilst holding your singing bowl, place it on top of your flat palm. Make sure your fingers or any jewellery do not touch the bottom or sides of the bowl whilst playing, else it will stop or alter the vibrational singing. Your palm must not cup the bowl, but be stretched flat.

You can also place your bowl on a cushion or cloth (that doesn't slip). You can also add water to your bowl and play it. Water carries vibrations.

Each singing bowl comes with a mallet. You will need to strike the edge of the bowl sideways and move the mallet around the outer edge of the bowl, maintaining a pressure between the mallet and the bowl. You'll soon hear an increasing ringing. You can stop whenever you feel like. Focus and take in the deep sounds of the ringing.

Taking Care of your Singing Bowl:

Always wipe your singing bowl with a soft cloth after use to keep the dust away. A singing bowl covered in dust will react with the metals and lose some of its sonic sparkle!

Do not use any harmful chemical, like bleach or soda to clean your singing bowl. The chemicals will react with the metal of the bowl and can damage the bowl. If you play your singing bowl using water, make sure to use distilled water and dry the bowl promptly after use.




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