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Sangaalo Notebook - Dhaka fabric (Classic)

Sangaalo Notebook - Dhaka fabric (Classic)

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We still believe in putting pen to paper to write notes or draw our thoughts.

This charming notebook is hand-crafted, the cover hardbound with the traditional Gorkhali Dhaka cloth.

Sangaalo notebook is a specially crafted premium notebook/journal. It is hard-bound, which protects the pages inside. The handy size makes it perfect to carry anywhere on the go. The notebook provides plenty of pages for notes, calculations, doodling, musings, and more.

The notebook cover cloth is the unique Dhaka weave cotton cloth.

The notebook has gone through many manual processes and therefore there may be a variation in size occasionally (upto 2%).

*Actual colours may vary slightly from the images. This is due to the fact that every device screen has a different capability to display colours.

About Dhaka fabric:

Dhaka fabric is a part of the Gorkha cultural identity. Stories of how this traditional handloom weave made its way from Dhaka (in erstwhile undivided Bengal) to become the symbol of our traditional lineage vary.

The intricate artform travelled to Nepal and was adopted by the Limbu and Rai women of the Kirati communities in Palpa in Western Nepal, and Tehrathum, Dhankuta, Ilam in Eastern Nepal. It is handwoven on the wheel/charkha using pure cotton. The yarn is then dyed and dried, and then homespun using the handloom. The resultant Dhaka fabric is fabric from the earth, a sustainable work of art.

No two Dhaka patterns are the same. The traditional colors used were black, red, white, and orange. Today weavers have embraced more colours into their work. Dhaka is worn traditionally as the chaubandi cholo (blouse), khasto (shawl) and daura suruwal (costume for men). Today the fabric is used in various forms.

There is a story told in every pattern of the Dhaka weave. And we owe it to ourselves to preserve this heirloom, and the traditional way of creating it.


8.5 x 6 x 0.75 inch (l x b x w)

Paper Size

8 x 5 inch (l x b)

Number of Pages

100 pages, 200 sides

Paper Quality

100 GSM premium recycled paper


400 g

Country of Origin


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