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Red Mahākāla Handmade Wooden Mask

Red Mahākāla Handmade Wooden Mask

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Hand carved and handpainted wooden mask of Mahākāla in his fiery nature. The mask has been plated with brass and copper and alloy metal work.

In Sanskrit ‘Maha’ means ‘mighty’ and ‘kaal’ means ‘time or death’. Hence Mahākāla is the conqueror of time & death. He is beyond the limitations of the earthly realm.

In Buddhism, Mahākāla is a Tantric god of the Vajrayana tradition. He is the Protector of Dharma, and called the Dharmapala. He is always portrayed in his wrathful avatar.

Mahākāla is worshiped by Hindus as the ultimate manifestation of Shiva, the divine consort of MahaKali. 

Mahākāla wears a crown of five skulls - this symbolises his control over and transmutation of the five “kleshas” (negative emotions) into the five ways of wisdom. His face is meant to create fear so that it frightens bad spirits away from the place he protects and to keep away negative energy, bad thoughts, and wrong actions.

This is one mask of its kind - hence it is a limited edition. 

Please note: This mask is handcrafted, hence unique. It will show small signs of wear and tear, adding to its rustic uniqueness.


27.5 x 23.5 x 11.5 cm (l x b x d)


998 g

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