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Red Ganesha Handmade Wooden Mask

Red Ganesha Handmade Wooden Mask

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Hand carved and handpainted wooden mask of Ganesha, or Vināyakā.

In Buddhism, Ganesha is represented as Vināyakā. He is the only Hindu God regarded as a Bodhisattva (Buddha-to-be).

He is worshipped as the emanation of Avalokiteshvara. He is portrayed in numerous ways in Tibetan Buddhism. In one form he is seen being trampled by the Buddhist deity Mahākāla. Another representation shows him as the Destroyer of Obstacles. In Tantric Buddhism he is the Maha Rakta Ganapati, or the Great Red Lord of Ganas. 

This is one mask of its kind - hence it is a limited edition. 

Please note: This mask is handcrafted, hence unique. It will show small signs of wear and tear, adding to its rustic uniqueness.


23.5 x 13.5 x 7 cm (l x b x d)


183 g

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