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Mayukh Tea

Mayukh Tea - Silver Needle White Tea

Mayukh Tea - Silver Needle White Tea

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50 gm

Single Estate \ White Tea

The bristle of buds are honed artfully to create a refined character that breathes a soft air of oak wood and caresses with a buttery body of vanilla and sweet pea flowers, while nourishing with antioxidants and relaxing the senses with a fresh spell of spring flowers.

Dry Leaf

Silver needle white tea with long and elaborate slivers of tender hairy silver buds enclosing layer within layer sweet woody notions of oak wood and vanilla.


Furled buds freshen up in a dewy pistachio to emanate sweet floral elements of wisteria and a delicate trace of earthy fresh clover.


Creamy ivory liquor softly perfumed like sweet pea flowers with a feathery floral body and a velvety viscosity of sweet vanilla that gradually elevates and gives way to meditatively bright lemon piquancy.

Net Contents Weight

50 g

Brewing Guide

For a perfect Cup of Tea:
1. Take 1 cup of water (200 ml).
2. Heat it to 80-85°C.
3. Put 1 teaspoon (2.5g) of tea leaves in the water.
4. Steep the leaves for 3-4 minutes.

About the Estate

Giddapahar, Nepali for a 'the mountain of vultures', is a high rocky cliff at 4500 feet above sea level literally perched by a venue of vultures that watch over with their sturdy gaze upon the Southern Valley of Kurseong. Established in the year 1888, the garden has a small tea growing area of 94 hectares exclusively dedicated to pure China and Chinese Hybrid bushes. A majorly east facing garden, Giddapahar is a stalwart producer of orthodox teas and is one of the few gardens to use original orthodox machinery from the olden days like a 100 year old rolling machine from Birmingham. Some of oldest high elevation bushes are found in the garden's sections that manifest unique bright and brisk golden liquors and the most splendid Muscatel 2nd flushes in the entire district.

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