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Mayukh Tea

Mayukh Tea - Puttabong Moondrop 2nd Flush Tea

Mayukh Tea - Puttabong Moondrop 2nd Flush Tea

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50 gm

Single Estate \ Black Tea \ 2nd Flush

The twisty brown strands enclosing fur-like golden tips exhibit a nose of cinnamon bark and citrus blossoms that spill out a grand celebration of zesty Clementine and waltz with the opulent chocolates and pecans to arrive at a mellifluous finish of orange cream and vanilla.

Dry Leaf

Darjeeling Tea second flush with whole uniform leaves mingle in shades of hickory with furry golden tips to embody a cozy sweetness of vanilla and orange cream.


Full leaves flare open into ganache-like shiny leaves with numerous buds that tickle with fresh floral whiffs of citrus blossoms and a slightly earthy richness of malty pecans.


A shiny sunset gold with a mellow body of smooth muscatel fruits relished by fresh citrus impressions of Clementine. A note of crisp woodiness evokes a rounded sweetness for an unforgettable cream finish at the back of the mouth.

Net Contents Weight

50 g

Brewing Guide

For a perfect Cup of Tea:
1. Take 1 cup of water (200 ml).
2. Heat it to 90-95°C.
3. Put 1 teaspoon (2.5g) of tea leaves in the water.
4. Steep the leaves for 3-5 minutes.

About the Estate

Natively meaning 'The land full of leaves', Puttabong is one of the largest gardens in the district bordering Sikkim and Darjeeling for an approximate stretch of 20 km. With elevations of 1500 to 6500 feet, the garden overlooks the Himalayan Mountains while witnessing the swift Rangeet River flowing in its foothills. A historically significant garden, Puttabong was cultivated in 1852 by Dr. Campbell who is credited as the first man to plant tea in Darjeeling. The 436.72 hectares of Puttabong consists cultivars of Clonal, Chinary, and special Clonal variety exclusively suited for its agro-climatic conditions. Some world renowned organic black teas, silver tippy teas, and the famous Moondrop are proud productions of Puttabong.

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