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Mayukh Tea

Mayukh Tea - Mint Kiss Green Tea

Mayukh Tea - Mint Kiss Green Tea

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50 gm

Wellness Blend \ Green Tea

Green tea with mint leaves

Our refreshing Mint Kiss tea is a combination replete with antioxidants and detoxifiers. A minty and woody fragrance sweeps over your senses, while a bracing wash of sweet menthol breathes over your palette and leaves you feeling fresh and energized!

Dry Leaf

Well-twisted green tea leaves in a hurricane of colours that include ebony, pistachio green, and patches of brown blow out sweet and spicy puffs of spearmint with a woody floral freshness of patchouli.


Soft evenly-sized open green leaves with a few brown internodes brace strongly with cool and spicy menthol while sweet notes of peppery liquorice blow in softly with a low resounding earthiness.


Chartreuse yellow with a gusto of spicy-sweet spearmint with a rolling breeze of honey-scented eucalyptus that trails behind to form a cool concoction with a delicate body that bites with a sharp sweetness of mint and tingles the palette in dizzying freshness. Spicy notes blow in still to introduce cloves, liquorice, and pepper that renders the tea briskly wholesome.

Health Benefits

  • Menthol soothes the stomach of cramps and bloating.
  • Mint Kiss Tea can help combat bad breath.
  • The fresh aroma of mint can cure headaches and nausea.

Net Contents Weight

50 g

Brewing Guide

For a perfect Cup of Tea:
1. Take 1 cup of water (200 ml).
2. Heat it to 80-85°C.
3. Put 1 teaspoon (2.5g) of tea leaves in the water.
4. Steep the leaves for 3-4 minutes.

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