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Mayukh Tea

Mayukh Tea - Mim Second Flush Tea

Mayukh Tea - Mim Second Flush Tea

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100 gm

Single Estate \ Black Tea \ 2nd Flush

The well sorted make of even leaves revel in an indulgent richness of caramel and nuts, the aroma of which encircles the senses in full gusto. The astringency is gradual and soft and only teases to be taken over by nutty undertones of pistachio and a pleasantly floral sweet finish of peaches.

Dry Leaf

Dark forest well curled leaves offset by fresh leaves and silvery tips exhale a ivies and a sweet toasty undertone of milk chocolates.


Substantial crimpy leaves with numerous internodes in an olive sheen with wholesome vegetal freshness of snap beans and tender bamboo.


Golden liquor scented with fresh floral subtleties of lilies and tender bamboo evokes a sprightly body of herbaceous sweet asparagus enlivened by a rounded honey tone that keeps up the smoothness till the end for a gentle mellow finish.

Net Contents Weight

100 g

Brewing Guide

For a perfect Cup of Tea:
1. Take 1 cup of water (200 ml).
2. Heat it to 90-95°C.
3. Put 1 teaspoon (2.5g) of tea leaves in the water.
4. Steep the leaves for 3-5 minutes.

About the Estate

Mim Tea Garden in the Eastern Valley of Darjeeling is situated at an elevation of 4300 feet above sea level. Established in 1836, the British managing the garden passed away during his tenure and the garden was looked after by his wife, known by natives as 'memsahib'. The word ultimately contracted into the colloquial 'mim' by which name we know the garden today. Managed by the Andrew Yule Company, Mim is the only garden owned by the Government of India under the Ministry of Heavy Enterprise and Industries. Majority of the garden was turned bio-organic in 2010 with 187 hectares under conventional tea. Mostly north-facing with a south-facing balance area, the garden is a producer of consistent fine black teas and some specialty organic teas.

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