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Joon Biri Style Gosha Buta Wall Hanging from Assam

Joon Biri Style Gosha Buta Wall Hanging from Assam

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The wall tapestry bears two ‘Junbiri’ motifs, one on the top and one on the middle, and a 'Lokaparo' at the bottom. Each of the designs are an essential part of traditional Assamese jewelry. Typically, a ‘Junbiri,’ which depicts a crescent moon, is worn as a pendant in a traditional Assamese neck piece. A ‘Lokaparo’ refers to a pair of twin pigeons connected back-to-back and is often worn in traditional Assamese jewelry set - as a pendant in a neckpiece or as ear pieces too.

The Wall Tapestry Collection is inspired by an elegant symbol of culture and pride of Assam, the Gamusa. It is a unique piece of textile, traditionally woven in white cloth with red motifs and stripes. The motifs used in a Gamusa are symbolic elements of Assamese culture and tradition, inspired by its unique flora and fauna, crafts, folk music & dance, literature, craft, sculpture and architecture. The Gamusa is an integral part of the state’s identity and a means of livelihood for the community. It is also a symbol of gratitude, often used to adorn elders or loved ones as a token of respect and appreciation. Technique of Aari embroidery has been used to make Assamese inspired motifs on the silk cloth.

Material: Noil Silk

Dimensions: 15 x 17 inch



Care Instructions

Use dry cloth for dusting. Do not wash


Noil silk


15 x 17 inch

Country of Origin


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