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Happy Mountain

Happy Mountain™ - Himalayan Black Cardamom

Happy Mountain™ - Himalayan Black Cardamom

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Organic I Vegan I GMO Free I Gluten Free I 100% Natural

Our Himalayan black cardamom is 100% natural, and comes to you straight from farmers who cultivate this magical spice in the ideal agro-climatic natural zone of the East Himalaya.

Good quality cardamom is identified by bold pods, more seeds inside the pod, and a higher percentage of essential oil within. Our cardamom is carefully hand-selected by our experienced farmers.

Benefits: Cardamom is rich in antioxidants and it helps the body fight many diseases. Consuming black cardamom helps in various digestive disorders: it helps fight stomach ulcers, keeps the acids in the stomach under proper control, and keeps issues of flatulence and bloating at bay. It aids digestion and weight loss. Cardamom helps maintain good heart health. It also helps reduce respiratory disorders like inflammation and congestion of the lungs.

Cardamom is used in Ayurveda as an ingredient in most medicines.

Cardamom when added to food can elevate any dish!

Nature’s Magic Spice -from the land to us.

We source directly from farmers who practise responsible sustainable farming methods. We endeavour to bring you all-natural pure and wholesome food that is without any chemical treatment. Enjoy nature's pure bounty!

Store in a dry place. 



Himalayan Black Cardamom Pods

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50 g

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