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Happy Mountain

Happy Mountain™ - Darjeeling Full-Leaf Green Tea

Happy Mountain™ - Darjeeling Full-Leaf Green Tea

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Organic I Vegan I Gluten Free I 100% Natural

Our premium 100% organic Darjeeling Green Tea is from a single chemical-free tea estate nestled at 1675m on a beautiful hill.

Green Tea is one of the world's healthiest drinks, apart from being a O-calorie drink. It is made from unoxidized (least processed) tea leaves, and hence is extremely rich with antioxidants and beneficial chemicals that help boost immunity.

The leaves can be used upto 3 times. Avoid steeping too long and in very hot water. Upto 3 cups of green tea per day is good. Drink green tea 20-30 minutes before a meal or a workout and during your midday slump for that energy boost!

Benefits: Drinking green tea on a regular basis is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke and type 2 diabetes; it has a positive impact on certain cancers, helps lower cholesterol, and enhances our cognitive functions. Green Tea aids weight loss, and loves our skin (reduces oxidative aging) and hair (prevents hair fall, helps it shine)!

This pack of tea contains nutrient-dense full-leaf, and no tea-dust.

Enjoy your cup of pure and natural immunity!



Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea

Net Contents Weight

50 g

Brewing Guide

To brew a cup of super healthy green tea:

Heat 150 ml of water for 1 cup of tea.
Bring to a boil and let it cool a bit. Ideal temperature of water for green tea is 80-85°C. Add 1 tsp (2-3 gm) of leaves to the water.

The tea should steep for not more than 2-3 minutes. Any longer, and the tea will have an astringent flavour.
Strain the tea.

If you are using a strainer to add to your mug or an infuser, remove it after brewing the leaves for 2-3 minutes.

Optional: You may add 1 tsp honey and a dash of lemon to your tea.

This pack makes around 20 cups of tea

Store in a cool and dry place. Green tea is best stored in airtight containers, away from light and moisture.

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