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Happy Mountain

Happy Mountain™ - Himalayan Nectar Wild Forest Honey

Happy Mountain™ - Himalayan Nectar Wild Forest Honey

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Himalayan Nectar Wild Forest Honey is a dark amber honey that is harvested from wild beehives in the dense Neora forests of the Himalaya. It is harvested in the months of March-May. This honey contains the nectar of various wildflowers in it which makes it all the more healthy. 

According to Ayurveda, honey from the forests is a healing superfood as it has the maximum antioxidants in it.

Villagers who collect this honey sustainably harvest the honeycomb without harming the bees. Sourcing of honey is done in small batches.

 We endeavour to bring you all-natural pure and wholesome food that is without any chemical treatment. Enjoy nature's pure bounty!

Store in a cool and dry place. Raw honey need not be refrigerated. 


Raw Unprocessed Forest Honey

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200 g

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