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Christmas Tree Ornament in Banana Fibre - Candy Stick (Set of 2)

Christmas Tree Ornament in Banana Fibre - Candy Stick (Set of 2)

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These lovely handmade banana fibre Christmas Ornament/X'mas decorations would be the perfect touch to your Holiday decoration. Your Christmas tree would definitely look gorgeous with these lovely ornaments!!! They also make the perfect holiday gifts. Each ornament could also be used as a gift topper.

The set comprises 2 candy cane sticks. They come packed in an attractive gift bag. Pls note: 1. Gift bag designs are subject to availability and may differ from the image shown. 2. They are purely handcrafted items and the size and designs may vary a bit from piece to piece

Handcrafted with natural banana fibre and then decorated with ribbons and cherries. Banana fiber is eco-friendly, just like jute fiber. It is obtained from the pseudostem of the banana plant and is generally scraped with the help of a knife. In banana plantations, after the fruits are harvested, the trunks or stems are discarded. Approximately a billion tons of stems and leaves are thrown away annually. Banana fiber is spun into yarn which makes it perfect for us to experiment with a new style of living and balancing the eco-system. Also, these fibres are very sturdy and solid and better than jute textures.



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