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Barking Deer Wall Hanging from Nagaland

Barking Deer Wall Hanging from Nagaland

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The Leaf Muntjac or barking deer was first discovered by the biologist Alan Rabinowitz who found a carcass of this species on an expedition in the eastern side of Northern Myanmar. At first, he thought this was a regular muntjac but upon DNA scaling, a new species of muntjac was discovered. The barking deer or leaf muntjac is a very beautiful animal that lives in dense forests of Asia. Seeing them even in their natural habitat is extremely rare since it is difficult to spot them due to their solitary nature of living. It is incredible how they were not the subject of the search for this expedition led by Rabinowitz but they were still found. They feed on fruits and fallen leaves and are food to predators like tigers and leopards. We do not know much about them because of how hard it is to find them. Inaccessible terrain makes expedition and observation an uphill task. This wall tapestry has been thus woven to pay respect to this wonderful animal.

The Naga Wall tapestry collection signifies valour and strength of the tribal clan. Designs are made of simple straight lines, squares and bands with various colour arrangements and use of specific motifs. The motifs include spears, knife, stripes, sun, moon, and stars and even some conventional ritual objects.

Material: 100% cotton

Dimensions: 15 x 17 inch



Care Instructions

Use dry cloth for dusting. Do not wash


100% Cotton


15 x 17 inch

Country of Origin


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