Collection: Deco Talk

Inimitable class. Fearless and never boring. No kitsch. We bring you timeless collections.

Launched in May 2019, Deco Talk is an innovative home décor, gifting, and lifestyle brand that provides the best quality products married with unique ideas.


At Deco Talk , our artisans work with joy, no pretence and dollops of relevance. There is always something unique and unpredictable – a thumbprint against standardisation.

We have a deep connect with nature and all things natural. This inspires us to produce everything pure, original, and handcrafted.

We love nature and everything sustainable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Hence all the raw materials used by our artisans follow the same guidelines.

People - Social Impact

We design and produce diverse range of products from women clusters of North-east India, including textiles, handicrafts, accessories, home decor, and more. Our products reflect the unique artistry, traditions, and cultural heritage of North-east India. 

Promoting and supporting the women clusters has helped in contributing to economic empowerment and financial independence to them. It also helps in preserving the cultural heritage and traditional art forms of the region.