Collection: Studio Vilasita

Artisanal products that are vegan, palm oil free, sustainably sourced, preservative free, artificial color and fragrance free. We re-use and recycle whenever possible while keeping the experience luxurious.

Studio Vilasita is our labor of love. After years of thorough research, a few setbacks and lots of experimentations and a fair share of failures, our little boutique brand which was conceived in 2016, finally took a distinct shape in 2021.

Our journey started with  two problems and a pressing need to solve it. Just when our founder was done with supermarket shelf- bought hair and skin products which did nothing they promised and only adding to the plastic waste, her nephew suffered bouts of eczema that lab-synthesized chemical laden topical creams failed to cure prompting her to start her journey as an apothecary. The first batch of Lavender soaps and Lavender balm, worked wonders on the  and solving the problem of disposing of plastic cosmetic containers and since then , there’s   been no looking back.

Ever since we started our journey in 2016, Studio Vilasita has been evolving to bring our patrons, products that are well researched, thoroughly quality checked and artisanal products which are unique as  promised. We bring you handcrafted products in complete harmony with nature. Every single day, we strive to add products so that you have more to pick and choose from. From luxury, artisanal bath range, to functional art and home accents, we are expanding.