Collection: Chizami Weaves

Chizami Weaves’ products are handwoven by rural Naga women, mostly Chakhesang Nagas, using the loin-loom. The weavers have kept alive their traditional knowledge and skills whilst sustaining their families and communities.The design motifs are inspired by nature and the local culture. 

The loin loom has been used for centuries, and is still used by the Nagas and many other ethnic tribes of North-east India.

Chizami Weaves is an initiative of North-east Network (NEN), a women’s organisation.It’s aimed to promote and preserve the unique textile tradition of Nagaland, while ensuring sustainable livelihoods for economically marginalized women. Chizami Weaves works with around 600 weavers from Chizami and 14 units (towns/villages) in Phek district and Kohima Town. 

The organization ensures fair wages and zero-waste creation.