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 AVIROSE is a brand run by Ritu Gupta.

In her words, "Before I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2022, I had spent a significant part of my life in the North-Eastern region of  India, moving from Jalpaiguri, to Siliguri, Kalimpong, and Darjeeling. The pristine mountains and the smiling happy people of the region left an unforgettable imprint on my mind. It is here that I found my adopted mother, Meera Tamang, under whose loving care my twin boys grew up. My project AVIROSE is my tribute to her and all the people of the North-East, the people who are as beautiful and pure-hearted as nature’s bounty of this region.  

                                                           Meera Tamang

I am a nature lover and have a Doctorate in Botany. During my excursions I have observed the flora of the Eastern Himalaya. The designs created by me reflect a strong influence of the North-Eastern Himalayan flora. 

ABOUT THE BRAND: AVIROSE can best be described by the tagline, ‘Simply Sophisticated’. We do not use complicated motifs, strong colors, or rough fabrics. Our products are in harmony with peaceful happy surroundings.

Purpose: Avirose products are created to provide a sustainable livelihood to the local women artisans and to promote and preserve their embroidery craftsmanship. The home linen items have been made with the purpose of creating happy spaces that make us feel closer to nature.

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