Remembering our Martyrs on Independence Day

Remembering our Martyrs on Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate this special day, let’s take a moment to remember and honour the sacrifices and struggles of all the heroes who fought hard to give us this day.

Today, especially, we remember and honour the forgotten heroes, the many Gorkha revolutionaries and nationalists who fought for the country’s freedom.

This video is a homage to those legends on whose shoulders we see a modern-day free India. Hope we can remember their legacy and take a leaf from their sacrifices and struggles in our current-day milieu.

Gurkha Freedom Fighters - Durga-Malla
Gurkha Freedom Fighters - Capt. Thakuri
Gurkha Freedom Fighters - CHHABILAL UPADHYAY
Gurkha Freedom Fighters - Gaga Tshering
Gurkha Freedom Fighters - Helen Lepcha
Gurkha Freedom Fighters - Niranjan Chhetri
Gurkha Freedom Fighters - Krishna Bahadur Mukhia
Gurkha Freedom Fighters - Trilochan-Pokhrel
Gurkhs Freedom Fighters - Remembering our Martyrs on Independence Day

Sare Jahan Se Accha, Hindustan humara. Salute to the Nation, our Motherland.

Salute to our heroes.
Jai Hind!



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